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Why Choose Paget Will Writing?

Why choose Paget Will Writing instead of a High Street Solicitor’s practice or another Will Writer?


No hourly rates. No charging in 6 minute increments. A fixed fee for the job no matter how complex it is or how long it takes.


Catherine Paget will come to your home or office at a time to suit you, when you and your partner are together.  Evenings or weekends are not a problem.


Catherine Paget has a law degree from Cambridge University; 20 years in private practice and 25 years on the Roll of Solicitors.


Catherine spent the last 15 years of her time in private practice specialising in inheritance disputes, will challenges and contested Court of Protection disputes. She knows what to avoid.


Catherine will actively advise you and prepare a bespoke will based on your unique financial and family situation.  She will not simply sit you down and take your instructions.

Contact us now to discuss your will requirements.