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Pricing & Process

I prepare wills and powers of attorney for a fixed fee agreed with you.  If you decide to instruct me, we will each sign up to my standard terms of business. These set out timescales and obligations on both sides.  Click here for our terms and conditions.  I will then supply you with a will preparation checklist of questions for you to review. This enables you to think about the size and contents of your estate; who you would like to appoint as executors and who you intend to make provision for.

If you agree to my terms, I will meet you at your home or your work place.  I will run through the checklist of questions with you to obtain details of the estimated value of your estate. If I am preparing a power of attorney, I will take the details needed from you to prepare it.  I take a thorough note of your instructions and answer any questions that you have.

If your will is complicated, it may involve more than one meeting to take instructions.  I will make a charge for my travel time if your home/place of work is more than a 30 minute journey away or it is necessary to have more than one fact-finding meeting.

I then prepare a draft of your will or power of attorney within an agreed timescale.  I send the draft to you for you to review and provide you with a letter of explanation of its terms.

Once you are satisfied with the draft, I will finalise the document.  Subject to agreement, I will attend you to witness your will and ensure that it is properly executed, (“the attestation service”).   It is your responsibility to have another, independent witness on hand to witness your will. If you choose not to have the attestation service, I will provide you with a detailed leaflet explaining how the will should be executed.  If you are making a power of attorney, it is my strong recommendation that you register it immediately.

As I am a member of a regulated body of will writers, I have professional indemnity insurance in place. I follow a strict code of conduct and I am obliged to undertake continuous professional development courses to keep up to date.  Your privacy and confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Standard will
From £250 no vat

Single discretionary will trust  (a will with a basic form of trust incorporated into it)
From £475 no vat

Standard mirror wills (identical wills for spouses/civil partners)
From £400 no vat

Mirror wills with discretionary will trust
From £750 no vat

Single Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) (Property and Affairs)
From £400 no vat

Single Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) (Welfare)
From £400 no vat

Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) fees for registering LPA

Lifetime storage of wills through The Society of Will Writers
One off fee of £30.00

What I do not do

I do not act as a solicitor in the course of this business.  My company is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and I do not undertake activities which are reserved to solicitors, such as obtaining grants of probate or dealing with the administration of deceased persons’ estates.  I do not set up life-time trusts or give life-time trust management advice.